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Most Anticipated eSports Series in 2022/23

The pandemic’s strict movement restrictions made many people pick up gaming online as a hobby. The competitive gaming sector has expanded due to the increased audience, and esports has become a lucrative income stream.

With the pandemic’s dust settling, major gaming conventions have announced the return of physical events while others are adopting a hybrid system so fans can attend live events. Some of the esports events you can look to in 2022 include: 

The  Most Anticipated 2022 eSports Events:

1. 2022-2023 Le Mans Virtual Series

The selection committee invites teams from various esports and motorsports competitions. The venues for the competition are online, in the USA, Serbia, Belgium, Spa, Italy, Monza, Bahrain, and Sakhir. The dates for the various rounds are as follows: 

  • Round 1: 17th September 2022
  • Round 2: 8th October 
  • Round 3: 5th November
  • Round 4: 3rd December
  • Round 5: 14th January 2023

2. The  Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

esports will be debuting in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China featuring video game titles such as Arena of Valor, PUBG, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, and FIFA. The event runs from 23rd September 20222 to 8th October 2023.   

3. LoL Worlds Championships 

The LoL Championship 2022 will be held in various cities, including California, San Fransisco, Georgia, Atlanta, New York, and Mexico. The dates for the event are as follows: 

  • Playins: 29th September to 4th October 20222
  • Groups: 7th October to 16th October 2022
  • Quarterfinals: 20th to 23rd October 2022
  • Semifinals: 29th to 30th October 2022
  • Finals: 5th November 2022  

4. Apex Legends Global Series

This competition will be held both in-person and online, and the dates are as follows:

  • Preseason qualifiers: 8th to 31st October 2022
  • Pro League Split 1: 6th November 2022
  • Pro League Split 2 Qualifiers: January 20223
  • Last chance qualifier: June 2023

5. The International 

This tournament concludes with the Dota Pro Circuit, which runs from the 8th to the 30th of October in Singapore. The competitions consist of the leading 12 teams, and the prize is crowdfunded through the battle pass system.  

6. Intel Extreme Series 

This event runs from 31st October to 13th November 2022 in Brazil and will be divided into Champions, Legends, and Challengers.  

7.  Predator League Finals

This competition will be held in Japan from 11th to 13th November 2022, featuring 15 teams showcasing their expertise in PUBG and Dota 2.

8. Elisa Espoo

This competition will run from the 16th to the 20th of 2022, and the winners will get an opportunity to be featured in IEM’s Play-in-stage event, which will be held in Poland in 2023.  

9. DreamHack 

This event will run from 28th to 20th November 2022 in Atlanta, featuring musical performances, expos, and competitions. 

10. DreamHack Series

This event will be held in Sweden from 24th to 27th December and will host various esport events, including the ESL Pro League Conference. 

11. CounterStrike: Global Offensive BLAST 

The CounterStrike finals will be held from 23rd to 27th November 2022 in Copenhagen, and the winning team will advance to the World finals in 2022. 

12. IESF World Championship

The IESF has been hosting since 2019; the 2022 event will run from 1st to 12th December in Bali and feature popular games like eFootball, Dota 2, and PUBG mobile.  

13. Global Esports Games

This game will be held in Istanbul from 14th to the 18th of 2022 in Istanbul, and it’ll feature games such as PUBG, Dota 2, and eFootball.  

14. Hearthstone World Championship

This event will be held online from 16th to 19th December 2022, featuring 16 players. 

15. Esports Universe Summit 

The summit gathers the esport community for a chance to learn and connect with top teams, content creators, investors, and big brands. The date isn’t yet confirmed, but it’ll be held in Hong Kong.