South Jersey’s premier eSports tournament returns!

Our Yearly Summer Event will have a host of different games and fun set-ups to enjoy!

WHEN: July 22nd

Set-up starting at 12:00pm, Tournaments Starts at 1:30pm, and the Lan ends at 10:00pm

Where: The Glassboro VFW

Google Maps link!

What to Bring:

Gaming Computer with Monitor, headset, mouse and keyboard. Or a Gaming Laptop. Please also bring a power-strip!

Price to Enter the LAN: $30

This pays for your entree, the prizes, VR, stations and for the food/drinks!

Spectators can enter and have food for $10

Games Being Played and the Rules of the Tournament:


Normal Competitive Ruleset

Trophies and Tournament Entry Prizes

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Normal Competitive Ruleset

Trophy and $300 prize

Team Fortress 2

6v6 Control Points with Global Whitelist

Trophies and Small Prizes

Rainbow 6: Siege

Competitive Ruleset

Trophy and $300 prize

Rocket League

3v3 mode

Trophies and Small Prizes

Smash 4

5 Stock

Trophy and $100 prize

Other Entertainment

HTC Vives will be available to try out VR

Multiple different fun wacky setups for playing quake 3 arena vs an opponent. (exp. Guitar hero guitar vs a DDR pad vs a keyboard controlled by fruit.)

Shirts will be made and will be available for purchase at the Event for $10.

Other small prizes will be available for multiple other events including:

Computer Case builds, the fastest machine in a certain benchmark, contests like b-hopping & Rocket jumping map completion.


We hope to see you guys there!

Email Link!