South Jersey’s LAN returns for its 6th year! 


Our Yearly Summer Event will have a host of different games and fun set-ups to enjoy!

WHEN: August 10th

Set-up starting at 12:00pm

Smash Tournaments Starts at 1:30pm

Lan ends at 10:00pm

Where: The Glassboro VFW

Google Maps link!

Well if it wasn’t in South Jersey you’d be surprised, right?

Games that will be played!

Only Smash Ultimate will have a tournament this year!

This year we’re taking things more casual. All other games will be pick up games.

But games that are likely be played by attendees are:



Rainbow 6: Siege

Dota 2 and Autochess

Team Fortress 2

Quake 3: Arena (Quake: Live)


Smash: Melee

What to Bring:

Gaming Computer with Monitor, headset, mouse and keyboard. Or a Gaming Laptop. Please also bring a power-strip!

If you’re playing Smash Bring a controller!

Price to Enter the LAN:

$25: SJLAN Pass; All tournaments entry, Food, Vive VR and More!

$15: Fight Pass; This includes food and entrance into the Smash Tournament!

$10: Spectator pass; Watch, hangout and enjoy the Food!

Buy Passes Online!

Or buy them at the front door! Cash or Credit.

Equipment will be inventoried and tracked to make sure that no one leave’s with anyone elses equipment.


The winner of the smash Tournament gets an 8 inch tall golden 3D printed Captain Falcon Trophy.

2nd & 3rd place get smaller UGL Joystick trophies!

Other Entertainment

HTC Vives will be available to try out VR

Shirts will be made and will be available for purchase at the Event for $10.

Other small prizes will be available for multiple other events including:

Computer Case builds, the fastest machine in a certain benchmark, and other contests that will be announced at the LAN!


We hope to see you guys at the South Jersey LAN!

Buy Tickets and Reserve a Seat!